Liz Mazurek

Liz Mazurek intimately links viewer to object through a humanly familiar textural and visual experience. She creates abstracted porcelain tableware and sculpture that emulate the plush, undulating exterior of the human body.
 A supple, porous matte glaze is utilized to mimic the soft surface of skin. Mazurek (b. 1995) received her B.F.A. degree in ceramics at Southwestern University in 2018. She has exhibited her work regionally and nationally including events in New York, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, and more. She completed her first two-person exhibition in the spring of 2018. In the fall of 2018, she moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to complete a year-long postbaccalaureate program at Colorado State University. She lived in Fort Collins for four years teaching ceramics and working independently. She now lives in Santa Cruz and is opening her own community ceramics studio.


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